REY’S VISION Limited Edition Art Print!




At last! The brand new REY’S VISION limited edition Art Print by Matt Busch, exclusive to the 2016 STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE event is now available to you right here, right now!

Inspired by the awesome dream-like sequence when Rey first touches the Skywalker lightsaber in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS! Artist Matt Busch has captured Rey’s eerie visions of past, present and future, all collected into an evocative montage!

The limited edition print is 12″ x 36″, (30.5 x 91.5cm) a unique size that is large without taking up too much horizontal wall space- perfect for those in-between spaces and nooks. It’s also a common frame size you can find at any Wal*Mart or Target. Even easier, try Amazon to see their excellent selection of 12″ x 36″ frames. This would look fantastic anywhere that needs a little Force push to liven it up!

The print is limited to only 250- all of which will be signed and numbered by Matt Busch. All prints are be rolled in plastic before shipping. 

As well- there is an opportunity to have your print remarqued. This means Matt Busch will personally draw a small sketch of BB-8 (or any character of his choice) in the left box area at the bottom of the print! (The box on the right is for signature and limited number.)

Order before the limited number remaining are gone!

Check out the STAR WARS CONNECTION Podcast below, where these gals discuss in detail some of the elusive mysteries surrounding the painting and what they could mean for Rey when we see her in Episode 8!

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