Based on the hit graphic novel written by NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD creator George A. Romero, this deluxe print from Avatar Press depicts the original cover art by HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD artist Matt Busch.

“The concept was a strange one, even stranger that it worked so well.” Comments Busch. “Avatar Press’ Editor in Chief William Christensen had seen some pieces I had done paying homage to the late Patrick Nagel. He thought that style would look great for Night of the Living Dead. I had my doubts, only because the books were supposed to be prequels to the original film which took place in the late 60’s, whereas Nagel’s work is reminiscent of the 80’s. I’d have to agree that William was on to something, because the fans have really loved these, and I’m pretty proud of them, too.”

The undead has never looked more glamourous and fashionable. This would look fantabulous in the living room.