Help / F.A.Q.

Before contacting us at for help, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

1.) Will I get a confirmation that my order has been shipped?

You will get a confirmation that your payment has been sent, via PayPal or the Credit / Banking provider you’re using.  Normally, we do not send confirmation emails.  Rest assured, we are packaging and shipping your order to get it to you ASAP.

2.) How is my order being shipped?

Very carefully.  We take pride in making sure our products are packaged with care to make sure they have a safe delivery.  To save on you shipping, most items are shipped First Class USPS and at times upgraded to Priority.

3.) What Shipping and Handling fees do you charge?

Shipping and Handling is a fee that covers the cost of packaging, hand-delivering to the USPS, and then shipment from USPS to you.  All domestic and international orders have additional shipping charges for multiple items. Yes, shipping costs have risen in the last few years, but often we ship our products to you cheaper than what you would pay for them retail in a store.

4.) Where is my order?

It’s likely on it’s way.  Keep in mind that- even though we have the appearance of a large department store Online, we are a small company.  That said, we focus on quality, not quantity. Our products are usually packaged and shipped within days of your order being placed.  Depending on where you live in the U.S., the USPS could take an additional week to reach you.  International orders obviously take longer with customs, etc.

5.) It’s been nearly two weeks.  Where the hell is my order?

In the unlikelihood that it’s taken this long, something wrong may be afoot.  Please email us at so we can resolve this and make sure you have your product ASAP!

6.) What is your Return / Exchange Policy?

First, to avoid lawsuit stuff, we need to say the following: Kaleidoscope Koi Entertainment, LLC has the right to refuse Returns or Exchanges for any reason.  That said, we are usually more than happy to Return or Exchange products to make sure the customer is satisfied.  Note: Shipping and Handling for all Returned or Exchanged items are the responsibility of the customer.

7.) Will Matt sign the product I ordered?

Note that unless the item description says the item will be signed by Matt Busch, it’s likely that it will not be.  However, if you do want something signed, feel free to indicate that in the comment section of your order.  Or, email immediately after your order for a signature request.  We will do our best to have Matt sign the item, but it’s not a guarantee.

8.) Will Matt draw a picture for me on my product?

There are a few items specified in the Online Store where you have the option to have Matt Busch draw a Remarque Sketch on or in your product.    Otherwise, Matt will not be unexpectedly doodling on the product you have ordered.

If none of these FAQs answered your questions, please email matt@mattbusch.comand we’d be happy to help!


The Online Store Staff