Konxari (pronounced kon-zar-ee) is a deck of 88 cards used as a supplement to communicate with those who have passed on, yet seem to walk among us. The set is perfect for ghost hunting, séances, or any kind of spirit communication you desire.

For centuries, the gifted have used methods such as Tarot Cards to predict the future, or Ouija Boards to contact the deceased. Now, an incredible long-lost practice from the ancients has been resurrected into modern-style playing cards, enabling you to interact with spirits in a way you’ve never experienced before.

While the use of Konxari Cards could never harm you, the supernatural should never be taken lightly. Be respectful of the practice and the souls you encounter may be more beneficial than you realize. Perhaps you can help them. Perhaps they can help you.

“Ditch the Ouija Board and grab a Konxari deck.
It’s like having a Blackberry from the other side.”
-Rue Morgue Magazine

Here’s a video from the recent Kickstarter Campaign, showing what the Konxari Cards are:

Below is a great video that shows in less than 5 minutes how to do a Konxari Reading.